Paint condition and Bodywork inspection services

One of the things we take pride in at iLike Detailing is being proactive when it comes to business development and taking notice of new and emerging demands in the Car and Motorcycle scene! Having said that, we felt it was necessary to add to our portfolio of Car care and Detailing services a Paint and Bodywork inspection service. This is aimed at those who are about to commit and purchase a new, approved new or a used vehicle and wish to have the peace of mind that the car has not been into a collision or had a bad respray job. 

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Paint inspection – so how does it all work?

Clients typically desire to enhance their new car’s appearance within a set budget. While we aim to deliver on this, we often find that the car’s cosmetic condition doesn’t reflect the “bargain” deal. As a result, we offer comprehensive paint inspection services to identify any imperfections or damage and provide expert solutions to achieve the desired appearance.

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What does that mean?

Imagine avoiding the disappointment of discovering your vehicle’s paintwork isn’t as shiny as the dealership claimed or realizing that the car has had significant bodywork repairs. Would you still purchase it, even at a lower price? This is where we come in. By including us in the process, we can perform a vehicle inspection to prevent uncomfortable situations or conversations. First, we use inspection lights to evaluate the paint finish and condition, checking for swirls or deep defects. We’ll also determine if the car has had a respray or significant bodywork repairs.

Paint inspection report service

No, we don’t just come and shine a light on the car!

In addition to our visual inspection using specialised lighting equipment, we have access to a professional-grade paint depth inspection gauge. This enables us to scan the surface of the vehicle, regardless of the material. Using this gauge, we can provide you with a report that includes details on the paint’s depth down to microns. Additionally, we can determine if the paint is original or it has undergone a respray, or has filler underneath. All this comes in a report format with all the readings taken and available to our clients in an email PDF file ready to be used the minute we take the readings.


Does that sound better? Having that certainty when buying a new car can be priceless! Speaking of price – it costs from as little as £60.00 to have us come and do this depending on where we are needed. We are happy to travel and meet our clients at the dealership too if needed. Don’t hesitate and make sure you are happy with where you are spending your hard-earned money!

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