Add-on Car Detailing & Mobile Detailing Services

Take your car’s appearance to the next level with our comprehensive add-on detailing services!

Add-on detailing services are additional services that can be added to our car detailing packages to further enhance the appearance of your vehicle. These services can include paint protection, engine detailing, headlight restoration, and more.

Machine Polish – Gloss Enhancement

The Gloss Enhancement auto detailing service is a machine polish that will leave your vehicle with a highgloss finish. This service is perfect for those who want their car to have a showroomquality shine. Our team of experienced detailers will use special polishing machines to buff out any imperfections in your paint. Afterwards, you will be left with a flawless finish.

Pricing: From £40 per panel

machine polishing single step buffing mop detailing Rupes
engine bay clean deep clean degrease

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine bay detailing and cleaning is an important part of maintaining the performance and longevity of your vehicle. It is recommended to clean and detail the engine bay at least once a year, or more often if necessary. We begin by using a degreaser to remove dirt and grease from the engine, then rinse with a pressure washer. After the engine is dry, we use a detailing brush to reach small crevices and clean away any remaining dirt and debris. With regular add-on car detailing service, you can ensure that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Pricing: From £50

Paint Correction – Defects Removal

Paint correction detailing is a process of using specialised tools and techniques to restore the appearance of a vehicle‘s paint job. This process can include a variety of methods, such as wet sanding, polishing, and buffing. This is to remove any imperfections in the paint, such as scratches, swirls, or oxidation, and restore the vehicle‘s original shine.

Pricing: From £70 per panel

single stage polish mop buffing machine polishing
headlight restoration polishing wet sanding

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle and make it look new. It can also help to improve visibility on the roads, especially during nighttime driving. The process involves using special cleaning products and tools to remove the oxidation, cloudiness, and yellowing that can build up on the headlight surfaces over time. Once the oxidation has been removed, a protective coating can be applied to keep the lights looking new and shining brighter. Headlight restoration is an affordable and easy way to make your car look great and keep you safe on the roads.

Pricing: From £40 per headlight

Last step protection – Ceramic coatings

A mixture of nanostructured silanes and siloxanes, known as a ceramic coating. We use hand application to chemically bond to surfaces such as paint, glass, wheels, and fabric. In addition to providing protection from chemical and UV degradation, the ceramic coatings also offer a level of scratch resistance or “swirl reduction.” Gtechniq offers a range of chemically bonding coatings, including quartz-based and composite coatings, each of which offer varying levels of protection and durability. As we are an accredited detailing business, all coatings come with a warranty when applied.

*  – as of the time of writing this information

** – based on a maintenance regime. For more information feel free to ask your chosen detailing service provider.

Pricing: Price depends on the service level package chosen. Please see “Our services” for more information or get in touch directly via the “Contact us” form.

ceramic coatings by GTECHNIQ
alloy wheel refurbishment deep clean ceramic coating

Chemical & Clay Bar Wheel Decontamination

Chemical and wheel cleaning is an important part of car maintenance. Chemical cleaners are used to remove dirt, grime, and brake dust from your wheels. Wheel cleaners are used to break down oils and dirt that can build up in the wheel and hub area. Keeping your wheels clean helps to maintain their performance and durability, as well as provide a better overall look.

Pricing: From £15 per wheel

Interior Seats – Leather repair and care or Upholstery & Carpets Deep Clean

If you want to keep your car looking like new, regular deep cleaning of your car‘s interior is key. Moreover, a deep clean will not only remove dirt, grime and odours, but also restore your interior’s original colour and texture. Regular cleaning allows you to keep your car looking and smelling like new for years to come. Once done you‘ll be glad you invested in a deep clean for your car‘s interior

Leather repair, a service in which we take pride, is one of our main offerings. As trained and certified Leather repair technicians, a variety of methods can be employed, including repair, recolouring, dyeing, and filling, to restore any type of leather, whether it be found in a car, couch, or old leather motorbike jacket.

For more information on our Leather care and repair services click here!


Pricing: From £10 per seat

leather care geist leather cleaning repair
Clay Bar Decontamination Add-on Detailing Service

Clay Bar Decontamination

Clay bar decontamination is an important step in the car detailing process. The mentioned process, involves using a specialised clay bar to remove contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint. Example contaminants include, but not limited to – industrial fallout, tree sap, and brake dust. This process is essential for ensuring that your car’s paint is smooth and shiny, as these contaminants can cause the paint to appear dull and rough.

Pricing: From £3 per panel

Debadge/Glue Residue Removal

De-badge/glue residue removal is an important step in the car detailing process. The mentioned process is for those who want to remove badges or stickers from their car’s exterior. It can be a challenging task, as the glue used to attach these badges and stickers leaves behind a sticky residue. It is important to use the right tools and techniques to remove any sticky residue. Specialised solvents or adhesive removers can be applied to the area to soften and loosen the glue. This will make the removal process easier.

Pricing: From £10 per panel

Debadge/Glue Residue Removal Add-on Detailing Service
paint depth gauge inspection service detailing

Paint inspection services

If you are buying a new, an approved new or an used vehicle and are not quite sure you can bare the disappointment of it being in an accident or having a bad paint job or a respray, give us a call, we may be able to put your mind at ease. Visit our Paint inspection services page for more information!

Pricing: From £60

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