Maintenance Detail

From £55

2 – 4 hours

Mobile or Unit based service

The 1 Star Maintenance Detail is our Mini detail service, or as some call it our “Maintenance Valet”. This service is ideal to stay on top of newer vehicles; or mainly for the regular customers that are signed up to our monthly maintenance plan. If it is going to be your first time using our services, you may want to look at our 2 and above star services to make sure you are getting the best for your car or motorbike! 

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Standard Detail

From £95

4 – 6 hours

Mobile or Unit based service

The 2 Star Standard Detail is our entry level Detailing service or our interpretation of the widely spread “Full valet”. From safely removing all the grit and dirt, the decontamination of your exterior and wheels to a thorough clean of the interior we use some of the finest products and tools on the market to ensure that you are receiving only the best for your car or motorcycle.

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Enhancement Detail

From £295

2 – 3 days

Unit based service

Our 3 Star Enhancement Detail is a modern and safe version of the old school “Mop” or the now popular “Single stage” polish. The difference is we do it right using the correct tools, technique and products for the job. The benefits of this service are defects removal of up to 80%, which comprise mainly of swirls, holograms and some minor scratches. A 1 Year Wax Coating is added, but can be upgraded to our ceramic coating packages if you so desire.

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Correction Detail

From £495

3 – 5 Days*

Unit based service

The Correction Detail is a step up from the previous Enhancement Detail service. Working through the vehicle’s individual panels in 2 steps – correct or “cut” and then enhance or “polish” we ensure that the car or motorcycle painted surfaces are up to 90-95% defect free, removing clear coat etching, bird drops staining, deeper scratches and scuffs along with all holograms, swirls and minor paint defects. The 1 Year Wax coating is included. This can be upgraded at your discretion to one of our ceramic coating packages.

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Protection Detail

From £895

5 – 10 Days*

Unit based service

Our 5 Star Protection Detail is the Paramount of our services and allows us to put forward our very best on display, both skill and equipment wise. Using a multi-stage approach we go to the extreme in chasing perfection using different methods from dry and wet sanding to paint correction  to achieve that “show car perfect finish“, taking care of orange peel,  or “peaks” in the paint in order to perfect a vehicle that is to be loved for years to come! Our 3 Year Ceramic coating package comes as standard with this service, but can be further enhanced!

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Andrew FreemanAndrew Freeman
18:00 01 Dec 21
Really good service. I am on a regular monthly plan and my car just looks perfect
11:41 28 Nov 21
George was awesome throughout. Provided decent advice and cost effective solutions. Will definitely use again.
Mel DayMel Day
19:23 23 Sep 21
Wow, what a service! I needed to get my engine bay cleaned to diagnose where I had oil leaking from, so as you can imagine... it was right mess under my bonnet! George turned up, at the agreed time, and spent over an hour and a half making my engine look like new (it's a 13 year old car!). He showed me all his processes and he was extremely thorough. Also, he was a very nice friendly gentleman. He obviously loves what he's doing and takes great pleasure in doing a fantastic job. When I took my car to the garage, the oil leak was easily spotted and the mechanic said he had never seen such a good job before.If you want your car to look top notch, don't hesitate in giving George a call. Excellent service, great prices, thank you very much 👍read more
Sharon CadizSharon Cadiz
17:24 01 Jul 21
A fantastic job done by George on mine and my hubby's Audi A5. We went for a full valet as my makeup stained the interior a... bit in few places so we knew that it needs a proper job doing. After George finished with it the car looked better than it was when we bought it brand new! The only down side is that George is too far away from us now as we have moved 🙁read more
Martyn KingMartyn King
07:25 08 Jun 21
George did an Amazing job on my GolfIts no way a show car and had some wear and tear from the previous owner. But he's... absolutely transformed it to something to be proud of. Looks stunning now!!Hats off to him for all the work and persistence dealing with other companies trying to source the correct paint touch up kit as well.Bang up job, I've very impressed. Will 100% use him again in the future.10/10 would recommend to anyoneread more


Machine polish (Gloss Enhancement)

From £40 per panel

Major paint defects removal and paint correction

Paint correction (Defects Removal)

From £70 per panel

Engine Bay Clean

From £50

Clay bar decontamination

From £3 per panel

Debadge/Glue and residue removal

From £10 per panel

Chemical & Clay bar Wheel Decontaminaton

From £15 per wheel

Headlight restoration

From £40 per headlight

Interior seats - Leather / Upholstery and carpets deep clean

From £10 per seat 


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