Luxury Car Detailing – Porsche Panamera PPF & Ceramic coating

Luxury Car Detailing for a Porsche Panamera Platinum with Our Premium Detailing services in Poole and Bournemouth

Does your Porsche Panamera Platinum still turn heads with the brilliance it deserves? At iLike Auto Detailing, we specialize in Luxury Car Detailing that revive luxury cars like yours. Our team recently had the pleasure of transforming a stunning Porsche Panamera Platinum edition, ensuring it gleams like the supercar it truly is. Here’s how we achieved this remarkable transformation:

Firstly, the Ultimate Paint Protection:

    • The best in paint protection: First, we guarded the vehicle’s most vulnerable areas – the bumper, headlights, mirrors, pillars and front section of the roof – with a robust paint protection film (PPF). This invisible shield acts as a tireless bodyguard, deflecting scratches, stone chips, and environmental damage. In turn, your Panamera will look fresh for years to come.

Paint protection film as part of luxury car detailing   Paint protection film on luxury car

Secondly, Ceramic coating service:

    • Next, we applied GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light, a market-leading 5-year warrantied ceramic coating, to the entire bodywork (excluding the front protected by PPF). This incredible treatment creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water, dirt, and contaminants, making maintenance a breeze. We then added EXO v5, a complementary topcoat, to further enhance gloss levels and provide an extra layer of protection.

GTECHNIQ Ceramic coatings

    • Wheel and Exhaust Brilliance: We meticulously applied C5 Wheel Armour, a ceramic coating specifically formulated for wheels and exhausts, to ensure these high-wear areas stay spotless and maintain their showroom shine.
    • Crystal Clear Vision: Finally, we applied G1 Smart Glass treatment to the windows, enhancing clarity and repelling rain for improved visibility while driving.

Luxury Car Detailing – A Breathtaking Transformation of this Porsche Panamera in Poole via machine polishing and paint correction

Our meticulous approach went beyond just protecting the Panamera. We tackled the minor paint imperfections and the unsightly sanding and polishing marks that marred the front bumper. We use the industry’s finest techniques and products to deliver a flawless finish that befits a Porsche of this calibre.

Luxury Car detailing and polishing services paint correction

Investing in Premium and Luxury car Detailing in Poole and Bournemouth

At iLike Auto Detailing, we understand your luxury car detailing needs such as with this Porsche Panamera Platinum; Your car is a statement of luxury and performance. Our premium detailing services, conveniently located for Poole and Bournemouth residents, are designed to meticulously preserve and enhance your vehicle’s brilliance.

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