Land Rover Defender Detailing

Land Rover Defender Detailing: Our 3 Star Service

The Land Rover Defender #V8 by #Urban Automotive😍 is in the house for our 3 Star Detailing service, paint makeover, and #protection! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Special Design

This one is a special one! 😎 In our opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful Land Rover vehicles, design-wise. Fresh from its visit to Urban Automotive, this brand new Defender supplied by the @hendygroup came to us for some final #refining and #polishing topped up with the finest from @gtechniq in terms of protection. Probably not the easiest when it comes to a “Land Rover Detailing”, but still very rewarding once done properly!

Crystal Serum Light and C5 Wheel Ceramic Coating on this Land Rover Defender

The bodywork (painted surface and not the satin #PPF part) was protected with our 5-year #Ceramic coating Crystal Serum Light. Additionally, the wheels, which were designed by Urban Design, were protected with C5 #wheel ceramic coating with up to 2 years of durability.

Calibration and Testing

The paint on these new vehicles (this one in particular was a Santorini black, with satin Paint protection film sections applied) is the softest and stickiest we have worked on to date. Therefore, some technique #calibration was required on the spot. Luckily, we like to keep more than one or two types of polishing compounds on the shelves, as well as different types of polishing pads (be it foam, microfiber, wool, etc.).

Achieving a Hologram/Haze-Free Finish

After some time testing different polishing combinations and adjusting our polishing speed (hand movement and machine set speed), we managed to achieve a hologram/haze-free finish. This was then allowing us to apply the above mentioned protection.

The Joy of Learning

One of those things one has to LOVE about his job is Land Rover Defender Detailing. You have to constantly be on your feet and test, test, test so you can learn, learn, learn! 😎

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